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Functional Medicine Practitioners

Did they teach you organizational efficiency in medical school?

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At FMBI we understand you

Racing from one patient to the next
Skipping lunch
Not showing up at your child’s school awards ceremony
Answering your own phones
Sitting with the “numbers person” trying to make sense of last month’s billings
Evaluating one telemedicine platform over another
Striking out with another unreliable lab resource

Our program is based on the values of efficiency, organization, and prioritization.

The FMBI's 15K-A-Day program will help you discover how to run an efficient operation and introduce health generating therapies for more income.

From software to spreadsheets, front-desk protocols to front-page promotions.

Explore the 3 Paths to build your own $4M successful practice

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About us

About FMBI: Functional Medicine Business Institute

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FMBI teaches medical practitioners what they need to know to start and scale a Functional and Integrative Medicine practice, including:

The essentials of the back-office business
Ways to increase patient numbers while maintaining an excellent standard of care
Training and tools to introduce fresh treatments and protocols
FMBI has a strong foundation built upon over 55 years of combined team member experience in the Functional Medicine sector.

There are over 5 in-house brands that are the basis for FMBI proven methodology and knowledge base.

In-house Brands That Are The Basis For FMBI

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Know More About Our Founder

Hi, I’m Debra Muth

In 2010, I started Serenity Health Care Center after selling my first clinic. My team and I pushed up our sleeves and went to work growing our practice.

For the first year we concentrated on treating clients. It was after the business grew 3-fold in 12 months that I realized it was time to learn from the business experts. 
Building a Legacy
I hired multiple coaches and joined masterminds over the course of the next 5 years. Hiring these experts, I learned about building a legacy, marketing secrets, managing staff, and so much more.
The Big Plan
I took the best secrets and put them to good use growing my business to the largest integrative clinic in the Midwest in just a few short years - documenting every step of the process along the way.

My plan was to replicate this process someday.
Now I want to share this process with you.
Dr. Debra Muth
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“This business model allows you to get paid faster and empowers practicing life-changing medicine - versus simply covering up problems.”

Debra Muth

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