1-to-1 Business Coaching for Functional Medicine Practitioners

Your patients invest in life-changing services, do the same for you and your practice.
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Get Help to Smoothly Transition Your Practice to a Functional Medicine Model

When working with your patients, you know what to do: assess, diagnose, and treat. But when it comes to every other aspect of your practice, gain expertise to control your business outcomes.

What you can get

Fast Track with Expert 1-to-1 Business Coaching


Develop the Blueprint to Communicate Your Vision

Start by defining your core values and a strategic plan. This simplifies everything going forward. The guidance of an expert in your field makes all the difference.

When you identify what makes you successful, you can recruit, hire, develop and retain the right people to build a high performance team to maximize your business outcomes.


Personal Mindset Breakthrough Training

Medical Professionals can be great business people too. Overcome any uncertainty about growing a successful practice.

Talk to patients with ease about service costs & implement training for you and your team on how to have conversations, offering cash services or charging higher fees.


Hot Seats

Hot Seats are for Business Coaching clients to practice role playing for answering patient questions on the spot. Hot Seats can either be sessions with other practice owners with a group leader or 1-to-1 coaching.

Sharpen your scripts and dial-in the conversion skills necessary to grow your practice.

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Implementation Labs

Designed to eliminate hesitation about which labs deliver the best results, and instill unwavering confidence in your patients' therapies.

1-to-1 sessions catapult you beyond your expectations.


Business Hacking

Get more done in less time, maximizing focus, energy and implementation, and have the work-life balance you deserve.

We share our 15K-A-Day business model with proven results.

Would you like to know more and get started?

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Want Private Coaching?

Coaching is available, BUT we don’t like taking your hard-earned income for you to get the information, templates, materials that are already offered in our course based on proven methodology:
The Functional Medicine Business Accelerator.

This $3,800 program (valued at $13K) includes 1to1 & group coaching, templates, materials, a podcast interview featuring YOU, and much, much more.

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Dr Muth talking to the audience
For Public

Speaking For Events

Dr. Muth has lectured at more than 150 medically-focused events. Talking not just on the medical topics, Dr. Muth also explains the secrets of successfully building a practice - just as she has done over the course of the past 20 years.

Honing in on specific subjects such as:

“ Setting Up a Cash Medical Practice ”
“ Insurance vs Private Pay ” 
“ 2021: The New Health Care Model in America ”

Dr. Muth can deliver best practices to your attendees and empower them.

Attendees receive a practice roadmap: practical and immediate steps to transform their Functional Medicine business.

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