Business Management Resources For Functional Medicine Practitioners

The only proven methodology taught by experts with an active practice generating $15K a day.
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Build & Scale your Functional Medicine Practice using our proven business approach 

This program includes 1to1 & group coaching, templates, materials and a podcast interview featuring YOU!

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Whether you want to transition away from Traditional Medicine or diversify your current Practice, FunctionalMBI is for you.

Run a Smooth Back Office

You want to focus on your patients and their health, but admin is taking up all your energy.
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Turn-Key Systems & Tools

Stop reinventing the wheel.
When your team is following our systematized and proven processes, you can focus your time on communicating your message, creating relationships, and seeing patients.

You’ll have access to:

Budgeting for growth
Job descriptions
Technology hacks
Policy and procedure manuals
Billing, coding, and cash-pay pricing guides
Clinical protocols

Objective Decision-Making

Model our Financial Tracker to measure immediately how your practice is performing.

This allows you to make objective decisions as well as to measure and manage individual performance.

Our proven format involves all team members to maintain focus on the important metrics, processes, and action plans that ensure success.

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Partner Resource Guide

Leverage all our vendors, contractors, and suppliers, so you can immediately save time and money. Make fiscally responsible choices about marketing, hiring key team members, or improving your bottom line.

A Consistent Patient Experience

Get useful scheduling tips, communication platforms and systems that allow a consistent and integrated patient experience, so you retain patients.

Receive Medical Chart Templates, Treatment Plans, Patient Infographics, and Communication Tools, so you can educate providers and patients about all the integrated services that provide maximum profitability and successful patient outcomes.

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Are you still doing everything in your business?
What if you only had to go into the office 2 days a week and still make the same income?

Tell us a bit about your business.
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Build a Dream Team

You need a team to scale and to get your personal life back on track.

The Personnel Blueprint

Designed to help you hire, develop, incentivize, retain and grow a championship team, so you can scale to make more profits without everyone needing you in the room.


Eliminate Micro-Managing

Arm yourself with our strategic meetings format that eliminates micro-managing and difficult conversations while maximizing communication, accountability, and execution of business goals and targets.


Training & Productivity

Train your staff, so they can be experts during the first week of hire. They will speak the language of Integrative Medicine quickly and allow your team to help your patients with a variety of medical questions. Optimize their knowledge without additional courses.


Clarify Your Culture

Identify the traits that make you successful, so you can recruit, hire, develop and retain the right team based on your core values, unique ability, strengths, and weaknesses. You will have the right people in place to build maximum practice success.

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Ready to generate more profit?

Our 2-Day live $15K-A-Day event recording will teach you how. Enjoy a greatly reduced price for 18+ hours of training. This course includes both business and medical components.
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Attract More Patients

Attract your ideal clients and simply rebrand our resources to generate revenue.

Out-of-the-Box Campaigns

Rebrand and implement our done-for-you marketing campaigns and educational videos, PowerPoint presentations, and blogs that have allowed us to see more than 9,000 cash-paying patients in the last ten years. Now you can focus on the medicine that will provide a healthful outcome for your patients.


Marketing Success Roadmap

Create a customized Brand Guide and Marketing Calendar with metrics-tracking worksheets so that you know how all your marketing and sales efforts are performing. Our training, resource guides, and connections will give your team the training to fully execute the four main marketing ideas that we will provide to get you started.



How to leverage patient testimonials that allow your best patrons to become self-generating referral activists who can no longer allow you to be the best-kept secret in your area.

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