FMBI Podcast is an exclusive company that helps practitioners who want to start or grow a functional or integrative medical practice.

We focus on what it takes to build a successful brick-and-mortar practice, plus teach you how to structure and grow your business so that you can earn the money you deserve.

Episode 37: Staying Motivated in Practice

August 1, 2022  |  Debra  | 
How do you get and stay motivated after being in practice a while? How do you connect with people? How do you learn and grow? […]
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Episode 29: Are You On Track To Meet Your Goals?

May 30, 2022  |  Debra  | 
Goal setting can be fun and stressful at the same time. Dr. Deb shares how to stay on track to meet your goals and grow […]
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Episode 21: Are you celebrating your wins?

April 4, 2022  |  Debra  | 
Dr. Deb shares ideas on how to share your wins. Your team needs to celebrate the wins as well as you.  Do not miss these […]
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Episode 18: Profit Pyramid

March 14, 2022  |  Debra  | 
Dr. Deb shares how you can grow your practice today using a profit pyramid. Adding courses, group visits and more to enhance your revenue in […]
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Episode 16: Keep Crazy Out Of Your Business

February 28, 2022  |  Debra  | 
Kick out crazy, lock the down and windows behind it, and never let it back into your business! Today we talk about how crazy can […]
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Episode 11: Choose Private Practice

January 24, 2022  |  Debra  | 
Functional medicine lends itself to one of the best private practices models. It allows you to control your own salary and how you treat patients.
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Episode 4: Diversifying your practice is key to success

December 13, 2021  |  Debra  | 
When your practice is diversified, it can withstand any storm. Everyone wants you to niche down, but if you niche down too much and the […]
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