This is a legally binding contract between You (the “Client”) and Serenity Management, Inc., DBA: Functional Medicine Business Institute, delivering the products and services herein referred to as “Functional Medicine Consulting Services or FunctionalMBI” commencing from the date this agreement is accepted.

What You Are Getting:

You are agreeing to receive the following services from the company:

1. On-Going 1:1 Support/Consulting Calls from your consultant

2. On-Demand Video Courses

3. Functional Medicine Program Workbook

4. Financial Tracking Google Sheet

5. Access to Our Private Facebook Group Community

6. LIVE Q&A Zoom Calls

7. (BONUS) Convertible Files & Documents

8. (BONUS) Introduction to Marketing

What We Promise:

  • We, the FunctionalMBI, promise to provide the services listed above in a timely fashion.

  • We promise to be available and ready to help you design the functional medicine practice of your dreams with methods, strategies, and tactics available to you. Such methods, strategies, and tactics will be legal, ethical, and moral at all times.

  • We do not promise or guarantee that you will build a 4 million dollar medical practice.

  • We promise to do our best to help you design and assist with implementation consultative information and coaching when appropriate and legal to do so.

  • We promise to keep your information safe, confidential, and secured at all times.

  • We do not promise a specific outcome, result, and/or lack thereof. Any estimated savings of time and/or money are only reasonable estimations solely based on the information provided by you, the client, during the Discovery Interview. Any past performance does not indicate future performance.

  • We promise to do our best to help you and your team build the practice of your dreams. Our service is only for 2 people. We do not allow more than 2 people as a "client team".

Conditional Money-Back Guarantee

By purchasing this course, you affirm that you understand and agree to our 180-day money-back guarantee with the following conditions

A.) If you apply what we teach and your business doesn’t change, we will give you all of your money back.

B.) A "cold feet" or a "change of mind" after the enrollment does not constitute a valid reason and/or the qualification for our money-back guarantee.

C.) If you violate all or any part of this agreement, you are disqualified for any type of refunds.

We also offer this guarantee in good faith, knowing that you may enroll, take what you need, and simply request a refund. We ask that you do NOT do this as it would be unfair as dining at a restaurant and asking for a refund after finishing the meal.

Also, we reserve the right to not refund you any money if there is evidence that you enrolled with malicious intent to harm our company, our consultants, our staff, and/or our clients. We also reserve the right to withhold a refund of any money if you have not been truthful, misrepresented your financial situation, and/or withheld any information that would have disqualified you from the services we offer.

Expectations & Acknowledgement

As a client, you are very important to us. If you call, email, or visit us at our office - you deserve a timely response to all inquiries or contacts within our published support hours.

  • You agree that you will adhere to recommendations given by your consultant and coach and trust the process. However, this is not to be construed as legal, financial, and or tax advice.

  • You agree that you are investing in education, consulting, and software and that the Functional Medicine Training Program and the FunctionalMBI do not guarantee wealth creation. All content and materials including audio, videos, books, and articles are licensed to you only for the duration of our services. That means, you do not have any claim of ownership of our material.

  • We may, from time to time, advise that you speak with other professionals before proceeding with the plan. Your consultant and/or coach will do their best to provide you with a sound plan in a professional manner.

  • Our goal is to help you build the business of your dreams that frees up time, money and energy.

  • We ask all clients to notify us immediately if any relevant change has been made to your situation or your finances.

  • You agree to do your best to follow the coaching, instructions, and consultations to the best of your ability.

  • If you felt delighted and pleased with the results, we ask that you introduce us to two or more of your closest friends and family members to our methods. We do offer referral & rebate programs with monetary bonuses.

By purchasing this course, you agree with the above terms and conditions.