Functional Medicine Practice Accelerator Course

A Proven Multi-Million Dollar Business Framework
Get the support you need to face the business challenges of a Functional Medicine practice.
  • Log into your private account 24/7
  • Work through the modules at your own pace
  • Download the workbooks and PDFs and edit them to your own business

TeleHealth and Brick & Mortar

You will learn how I’ve built and scaled my first practice to sell for a 250x return, and how my current practice consistently generates over $15,000 a day.

If you want to stop working feeling burnt out and grow your practice while still working reasonable hours, this course is for you.

These are the same secrets that took me YEARS to discover, and I cannot wait to pass them down to you!

You'll be able to use these same strategies every year from now on to drive big wins for you and your team.
  • Log into your private account 24/7
  • Work through the modules at your own pace
  • Download the workbooks and PDFs and edit them to your own business


Functional Medicine Practice Accelerator Course


Special Pricing

How It Works

You'll learn the ins and outs of the strategy at your pace and have access to our platform 24/7.

Make the commitment to invest in yourself - just as you did for your medical training.
Invest 18 hours in this program to improve your business with practical information.

This intentional process is a proven system to prepare you for your 1on1 consultations.
Module 1
Getting your mindset right is so important. It is easy to get overwhelmed when starting a practice.
Module 2
You’ve guested it! Our healthcare system is broken. Today we practiced in Dis-ease care. We wait until someone is sick before we prescribe medicine for their illness. Learn how you can change medicine by implementing true preventative medicine.
Module 3
Who is it that you love to work with? Identify what you enjoy talking about and doing so that it doesn’t feel like work!
Module 4
What does it take to set up and create a successful business? Understanding your money, designing a practice worth selling from day 1 and more….
Module 5
The good, the bad and the ugly about hiring, firing and training your team. If you want an A team, you have to develop a team that grows with you, not against you.
Module 6
Tired of saying the same things over and over again to your team? Tired of training and retraining team members? We have the perfect program here to train your team once and then just tweak as you grow!
Module 7
Need a lab in your office? We have the complete Lab Roadmap for you. Fully equipped with training protocols, processes, and resources needed to create a financially lucrative lab space in your office.
Module 8
The customer is always right! We have heard this many times, but how many of us live it? The experience that your patient receives in your office makes or breaks your referrals and growth potential in your practice. Other coaches talk about $600 patient lifetime value. Learn why ours is over $10,000.
Module 9
Success comes when patients can follow the plan that is outlined in front of them. It happens when the patient follows the diet, supplements, and protocol. If you cannot get them to follow the plan, they will not be compliant, leading to lack of success. We have a plan that allows your patient or client to be compliant from day 1.
Module 10
If we want to make money, people have to know we exist. In order to keep clients with you, marketing has to happen on a regular basis. This way we can monetize your skill set. But marketing has to make sense and has to be done with a goal for profit in the end.
Module 11
Communicating with your patients is key! They need to have access to you (within reason) to be successful and identify problems. Here are the keys to communicating with your patient without it consuming all your time.
Module 12
Is Networking really worth the hassle? What if I could tell you that networking could build a lucrative 7-figure business? Would you be interested in learning more? We will show you in this module.
Face your fear and dread of the business side of your Functional Medicine practice now so that more patients can get the care they deserve!

Plus You Get…

With Over 30+ years of experience on our team, you'll be assigned to a strategy expert to help you customize the strategy to your unique situation. You can get the personal touch you need by scheduling calls to ask questions to get results!
$9,997 Value
You get access to our private community to interact with others who are going through the program. You'll get to see the results and celebrate the progress of other students just like you.
$997 Value
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Tired of wondering where your money is going? Tired of not knowing who is bringing in the most money in your practice? This tracker will allow you to see exactly what each employee is costing you or making you!
$1,997 Value
What better way to promote your business than talking to potential clients yourself? You need to get the word out about your practice. People need to know who you are and what you do. So why not let it live on in perpetuity? You will have an exclusive spot on my podcast with over 30K downloads.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be able to talk to someone directly?
    Yes, you get 1 FREE 1:1 call with Dr. Deb for the purchase of the program. After that, she does make herself available to private clients. 

  • Do you have a recommended business strategy?
    Yes, we do. Sometimes we add best-of-the-best information that is compatible with our strategy and/or personalizes it for your situation.

  • What Makes Your Program Different?
    I’m glad you asked! Our program is focused on engagement and the relationship with you. Most courses are just videos talking AT you. We open the doors for you to ask questions, interact, engage with us, and become part of the FuntionalMBI family!

    We share our templates and materials, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel on discharge forms, scripts, marketing materials, questionnaires, and so much more. We aren't stingy with our insider info and WANT to share what we know, so you succeed.

    Our program is designed by a practitioner with 20+ years in the business, and she continues to work in her practice daily. Not only do we teach you how to build a practice, but we also practice what we preach each and every day!

  • Who is the course for?
    Dedicated medical practitioners wishing to own a thriving Functional & Integrative Medicine business using their active license: MD, DO, DC, NP, ND, DDS, DPM, OD, OT, PT, RPh, PharmD, DPT, PA, LAc, DOM, RD, Nursing BS. Face your fear and dread for the business side of your practice now so that more patients can get the care they deserve!

  • Will I be able to Access the Video Courses Anytime?
    Yes, you can access the courses 24/7. Classes are recorded and they are on-demand. Our courses are also accessible through cell phones and tablets, so you can listen to our classes on the go!

  • Will this program work for Canada, Australia, U.K. or other countries?
    Yes, there may be slightly different structures with socialized medicine, but it can work. The course is in English.

  • Is this strategy for real?
    Yes, this program does work to build a $4M dollar practice like ours. 

  • How often does the content get updated?
    Our content is updated within a 3-6 month interval. Some content may take a longer period to update due to how slow the information changes.

  • What if the timing isn't right for me?
    This course saves you time and money. You'll always have access to the course. Take advantage of this opportunity because all you need is 18 hours in 30 days for completion. Most videos are all less than 40 minutes each!

  • Payment methods?
    PayPal, Sofort or credit card payment.

  • What is the refund policy?
    Money-back is guaranteed within 30 days for those who have completed the course and are not satisfied. To request your refund, just write us an email. We will even refund the credit card fees. What other program offers this?!

  • What’s next, my next step?
    Invest your business dreams. Enrol today!

Introducing Dr. Debra Muth

Many ask how I can share such valuable information at such a reasonable price. It is important for me to get the information out to as many Functional Medicine practitioners all over the world with the ultimate goal of getting patients the quality care they deserve.

I have been practicing for 25 years and have been in private practice for 20 years.

Like many of us, I started in traditional practice for the first few years...

And then, I joined a private Functional Medicine practice and worked under Dr. Konetzki.

Five years after joining the practice, Dr. Konetzki retired, and I purchased his practice for just $8,000.

I vowed that my WHOLE life’s work would be worth a lot more than what I purchased it for, and that no one should dedicate so much time without getting a big reward.

When I started, it was myself and three others.
I had one nurse, one lab tech, and one front desk staff.
It was where I thought we would stay forever.

I quickly learned that the only thing in business that is constant is change.

In the beginning, these changes really got to me negatively.

I was stressed all the time.

I didn’t know how to manage people, and my staff expected everything to stay the same forever.

I was working long hours and felt stuck.

I even contemplated leaving the medical field altogether.

Everything changed when I put a structure and method to my business and scaled to $15K a day!

FunctionalMBI was created to teach practitioners just like you how to leapfrog directly into a dream practice using my methodology.


Functional Medicine Practice Accelerator Course

A Proven Multi-Million Dollar Business Framework
Consistently generate revenue
Keep a healthy work/life balance
Learn from a Practitioner like you
Set your practice up for growth


Special Pricing


I love listening to the podcast because each episode I learn something new.
“ Dr. Deb shares her knowledge openly and honestly. She isn’t afraid to share her struggles and accomplishments. She gives of herself 110% to her team, students and clients. I love listening to the podcast because each episode I learn something new. ”
Danielle Miester
Thank goodness I found Dr. Muth and her program and team.
“ I wasn’t sure where to start. I knew I needed A LOT of help and I sometimes talked – well, really, commiserated with other functional medicine peers at conferences, but until I found the course, I was pretty convinced I was going to have to figure it all out for myself. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case. Thank goodness I found Dr. Muth and her program and team. ”
Dr. Freddy Farkle
This team knows their stuff.
“ Getting the inside-scoop from Dr. Muth and the course is an understatement. It’s really more like getting your hands on the other team’s playbook. You can’t believe your good fortune – and, as you learn more and more from them, you’re like: Wow! This team knows their stuff. I’m so grateful that they make the playbook available – and add one-on-one coaching on top of that. It’s been a dream come true. ”
Dr. Johnny Jones
The level of knowledge she has is incredible, but she made it simple and easy for us to consume.
“ Dr. Deb spoke at our event and brought energy and excitement to her lecture. The level of knowledge she has is incredible, but she made it simple and easy for us to consume. I have heard her speak multiple times, and every time she delivers more than what is expected. ”
Marcus Kim
How to navigate not only business, but fast track my practice with proven protocols.
“ Like many of my colleagues, I was becoming increasingly frustrated in my practice, as I tried to bridge the ever-expanding gap for patients between sickness and true health. I was determined to find the missing piece to learn how to navigate not only business, but fast track my practice to have proven protocols for my clients as well. I found that in the program. ”
Dr. Jane Dow
I was able to implement techniques and processes that immediately improved workflow at our office.
“ My expectations were wildly exceeded. Within the first week of the course, I was able to implement techniques and processes that immediately improved not just the workflow at our office, but the morale too. I underestimated how adapting and improving administrative hassles could make the workplace one that was valued – beyond the profitability – but more so as an environment for excellence and pride in the functional medicine profession. ”
Dr. Susan Smith

An UNBEATABLE Guarantee:

Try The Functional Medicine Practice Accelerator Course for a full 30-Days, 100% Risk-Free!

Try the entire course for 30 days, show us you did the work. If you don't LOVE it, FunctionalMBI insists that you get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

We'll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

It's simple: Join the program and try it for yourself!

People Ask Me: ​​

“If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?”

Having been in this industry for over two decades, I often get asked what I would do differently from other doctors.

My answer?

It’s all in The Functional Medicine Practice Accelerator Course.

In it, I outline step-by-step what I would have done differently when I first started, from start to finish.

There was a time when I was stuck and struggling, working endless hours trying to grow my practice, but I kept falling short of my goals.

It wasn’t until I made specific changes that made a MAJOR impact did I finally see a difference.

Let me be an open book and give you my business methodologies.

Let me give you my sales knowledge.

I want to help put your business in a position to scale way beyond what you can imagine.

When you join me inside, I will share with you nearly EVERYTHING I’ve learned to do and EVERYTHING I’ve learned not to do.

Don’t have to waste your time, energy, or money burning through the trial and error I’ve already paid a hefty price for. I care about your success. I care about you.


Functional Medicine Practice Accelerator Course


Special Pricing

If I Can Do This, So Can You!

You CAN build a powerful team to support you.

You CAN create massive success WHILE taking time to live YOUR best life.

You CAN build a practice you LOVE...

And generate revenue (CASH) every day.

I know because I've done it.

I've helped others do it.

And very soon, it will be YOUR turn.

This program was developed as a solution to a problem I had for years in building my practice from the ground up…

And this is a shared problem many doctors face, as over 453,000 of us every year contemplate leaving medicine.

If you know you can improve from where you are and want to build a practice and scale it while working reasonable hours, this is definitely for you.

I hope to see you on the inside.

Dr. Debra Muth

P.S. Want to create financial freedom inside your practice? Then you won't want to miss out on The Functional Medicine Practice Accelerator. You'll leave with actionable strategies to effectively build a high-profit practice that makes a difference in people’s lives...and build it into something you can SELL down the line.

Dr Debra Muth

Debra Muth ND, NP

Dr. Debra Muth, ND, WHNP, BAAHP, MSN, MSH has spent her 20-year career helping people of all ages achieve health, wellness, and vitality.

Debra Muth, ND is trained in multiple naturopathic medicines, including nutritional medicine, homeopathy, herbs, and body medicine. She specializes in chronic illness and takes on patients who have not found solutions elsewhere.

She is at the leading edge of providers using natural supplements and bioidentical hormones to heal the body. Integrating these diverse therapies with allopathic Western Medicine has enabled Dr. Muth to offer a highly refined approach that produces lasting results.

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Functional Medicine Practice Accelerator Course


Special Pricing