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Ramp-up your Functional Medicine clinical know-how with our classes and downloads to refine your patient care and increase revenue.
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Increase your clinical confidence with FMBI 

Helping people heal from chronic illness everywhere. This is our primary motivation to help you to build your own practice.

Course Library

Deliver your Functional Medicine patient care confidently.

At FMBI we offer classes to practice owners in small easy-to-assimilate units about Functional Medicine Prescriptions and Protocols.
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Functional Medicine Practice Accelerator

This is our premier business course to scale a profitable practice.

12 practical modules that cover back-office systems, building a dream team, patient compliance hacks, and monetization topics to generate the revenue you need. 18 hours of on-demand training.

PLUS 1to1 & group coaching, templates, materials, and a podcast invitation featuring YOU!!!
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$15K-A-Day On Demand Intensive

A powerful content combination of both business topics and medical treatment insights that help generate revenue. 

This course contains modules of the live 2-day recording of our intensive in-person event. 

Sessions include presentations by Dr. Debra Muth and key third-party partners which offer insights into the infrastructure of a profitable $4M Functional Medicine business.
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thyroid complexities course

Thyroid Complexities

With over a thousand patients seen, we offer proven therapies to solve the most complex thyroid issues. 

This one-hour course is a session from a live 2-day intensive. 

You will learn useful information about prescribing compounded thyroid medication to support adrenal and pituitary function based on the right testing.
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custom compound course

Custom Compounding 

Go beyond the typical implementations for hormones, topical pain and LDN. 

Expand your offering and revenue, understand the types of pharmacy accreditations, unique medication delivery systems, creative compounding options and how to solve excipient sensitivities. 

In collaboration with Monica Zatarski, PharmD, RPh.
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IV therapy course

IV Therapy Protocols

Through intravenous therapy, patients receive the power of safe vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that rapidly support the correction of many health issues. 

For practitioners, this highly sought-after service generates cash revenue.

Download the protocol manual & comprehensive guide for setting up the service, helpful documentation templates, and where to buy materials and sterile compounding.
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Setting-Up Your Clinical Lab

Setting up a lab that generates revenue for your practice from day one.
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Template Library

We offer time-saving templates to help you understand what patient information you need to document and how.
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Patient Blog Topics

Struggling to come up with blog ideas? Use our vast library of content compiled over 20 years.
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Looking for a protocol with the proven track record with 1,000 of patients? These protocols have been adapted over 20 years and are known to be effective.
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Symptoms Questionnaire

Rebrand our questionnaire for use in your clinic to reveal a complete picture of the patient's symptoms.
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Documentation Templates

Not sure what to document in your patient notes? We have templates to get you started. Edit them for your own use.
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Patient Education Material

We have created patient education material, so you don't have to. Editable versions are easy to brand for your own practice.

Looking for a different template?

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Are you an MD, DO, DC, NP, RNC, ND, CNM or PHARMD?

Here you can find Functional Medicine Protocols & Prescriptions for your patients, and Tips & Tools to improve your Functional Medicine delivery.
a group of doctors: MD, DO, DC, NP, RNC, ND, CNM or PHARMD

Here’s How It Works...

When you join FMBI you gain access to our comprehensive programs that help grow your business and fine-tune your medical services offering.
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Proven new revenue trends for Functional Medicine Practices

Patients demand cutting-edge integrative solutions for wellnes. If you are a practice owner already, FMBI helps you to incorporate the latest products and services available in our sector to overcome illness.
Revenue through Specialty Labs & Panels
Drop Shipping of your Own Supplement Brand
EVO Microneedling, an automated, non-surgical micro-needling device designed for use by licensed healthcare practitioners.
BioIdentical Hormone Therapy
Top 10 IV Protocols

Patient Education Library

Are you answering the same patient questions over and over again?

My team and I created the ultimate patient resource library to prepare you for your next appointment.
Patient Education Library
10 reasons to avoid sugar
Abnormal Thermogram
Adrenal health questionnaire
Artificial sweeteners alternatives
Automated email
Choose the right probiotics
Clean 15 and dirty dozen
Dirty dozen
Eating healthy on the go
Everyone Poops PDF
Foods that feed neurotransmitters
Foods that support adrenal health
One week to better sleep
Organic is important
T4 and T3
Toxic cleaning products
Why it's important to have a healthy gut
Clean cosmetics
As a member of our 15K-A-Day Program, you can brand this information as your own and offer it as a membership site to your patients or leverage the other hundreds of revenue generating ideas we have to share with you.
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Looking for different Patient Educational Material?

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Patient Education Videos

Here is a sample Patient Educational Video for Free! If you are interested in seeing more, just let us know.
See The List of Patient Education Videos Available Upon Request:
How to beat fatigue
How to collect a saliva kit
It’s all about hormones
Leptin and obesity
Lyme literate practitioner
Banderol and Samento challenge
CBD oil and endocannabinoid system
CBD oil (CVHeavy metals and chemical testing
How to apply hormones
Supplement tips
Vitamin D
What is a thermogram
Do you know what your thyroid labs mean
Female sexual dysfunction
Do genes really matter
Neurotransmitters and the brain
The truth about the food supply
Why is organic important
Titrating the Cowden herbs
Vaginal estriol vs estradiol
Scheduling your follow up
The basics of IV therapy
Weight loss
How do heavy metals affect us
Chemical testing
Lyme testing options
Male Menopause
Symptoms of Lyme disease
Beat Menopause belly fat
Healthy GI tract
What is functional medicine
Adrenal health
Female Brain
Gut bacteria and systemic illness
Hormones 101
Why follow a nutrition plan
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What makes us the best choice to help you build a Functional & Integrative Medical Practice?

Because we have been where you are now. We still run and operate a clinic every day. We see clients deal with the same challenges that you do every day while getting success for our clients.

Save your energy and get success faster, as FMBI expertly guides you to your dream practice.
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